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US Army To Test Prospects' Skills In New Augmented Reality Game

 The Army wants you to be all that you can be - and has created an augmented reality game to help you envision some of the possibilities.

Word's out that the US Army is using augmented reality to test prospective recruits' skills - in racing. A new computer game called "Army: Race for Strength" that debuts tomorrow, according to sources.

It's designed to showcase the Army's high-tech skills training and the many opportunities it offers.

“Many young Americans may not be aware of the wide variety of opportunities available to them in the U.S. Army,” Colonel Derik W. Crotts, Director of Strategic Marketing and Outreach for the U.S. Army Accessions Command, tells US Army Racing, which is an organization - and topic -  I'd never heard of. “Education, high-tech training and leadership development are just a few of the options available in the Army.

The Army provides access to more of these than any other organization. This new computer technology will allow today’s youth to experience the diverse elements of the Army, and demonstrate the elite technology and training used to develop our Army Strong Soldiers.”

The game's subject matter - and its launch venues - tell you a little something about who they're targeting. The game will debut at the Daytona International Speedway during the Speed Weeks preceding the Daytona 500, as well as other upcoming racing events. It will also be available online for download. At the physical world events, players can also try out an Apache helicopter simulator, a military combat convoy simulator, and more.

Indeed, the US Army has been aggressively capitalizing on digital for some time now, what with virtual world experience, many mobile and computer games, and more. The perfect match of approach and target audience, if you ask me.

You'll want to read more about this digital endeavor, here.





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