Top 10 Brand Viral Videos 2012 (Video)
Top 5 Creative QR Code Campaigns 2012 (Video)

Top 10 Branded Promotional Games 2012 (Video)


Brands got serious about fun and games this year - on a number of different platforms.

Among the trends we liked this year - promotional games that bridged the digital and the physical, without requiring consumer devices to play. Not that we wouldn't be amped to try Google's Ingress augmented reality game if we get the chance. And Ingress aside, Google made our list this year, along with several major brands.

GenWowAwards-logoOne interesting note: Many of our top pics this year mixed so many elements - social, mobile, location and so on - so well, that they made some of our other lists, too.

So without further delate, our list of favorite branded games for 2012. We'd love to know which made your list, too.

10. Google Wants to Rock, Tilt & Roll Your World in New Branded Game

Google wants you to go ga-ga over its new game.

9. Kit Kat Launches GPS-Based ‘Golden Ticket’-style Promo in UK

Kit Kat wants to do a heck of a lot more than just give you a break.

8. Mercedes ‘You Drive’ – A TV Campaign You Drive, Via Twitter

Call it a crowdsourced cliffhanger.

7. Magazine Cover Becomes Interactive Video Game

This is one way to make print relevant in the mobile age.

6. Kinect’s ‘Dance Cam’ Mobile App Lets You Create Music Videos on Your Phone

There are few things more entertaining (and, often, disturbing) than watching folks dance on the Xbox Kinect system on games like Dance Central. Now let’s take it mobile.

5. Social Media Street Fight: Duke It Out for Your Dream Mustang

Mustang's not horsing around when it comes to social gaming.

4. Coke Zero '007' Vending Machine Turns Passersby Into Bond

Hold the martini and make it a Coke Zero - shaken, stirred or otherwise.

3. Ford Pinball Park

Pinball wizardry inspired by the perils of parking on a busy street. And the worst driver wins big.

2. Coca-Cola’s Kinect-Powered Vending Machine

Call it the Happy Dance: Coca-Cola wants you to bust-a-move for a free beverage.

1. 3D Projection Game on Building Uses iPad as Controller

Very cool 3D projection game to promote Eristoff vodka. Absolut (or even Red Bull) should be doing this kind of thing, too!


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