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Just don't anybody scratch the Surface.

It may come as a complete shock to you, but Microsoft's vision for the future involves a lot of Microsoft products.

According to a video released by Microsoft's Envisioning Center this last Friday, our home and work lives will indeed be Surface deep - with touchscreen and even voice-activated walls and appliances that interconnect and hopefully never break because it'll be a bitch getting them fixed. 

I have no doubt that the future will looks something like this video because it pretty much looks like today, only writ larger. Yes, grandma will read stories to her grand kids from thousand of miles away - something that she can already do via Skype. And yes, Dad will pull up recipes while he cooks the family a meal - something many of us do every day on our iPads.

(Sidenote: Why do so many of these devices have to be tapped on another to send content to it? In the wireless future, one would assume all of this content is stored and accessible via the cloud on all devices in real-time)

But all of that aside, the future is quickly taking shape and cool as all this is, I ask a related question: If this is how we'll all interact with each other and the world, how will you as a marketer take advantage of it to promote your company's products and services via a new generation of digital home/work/life devices?

How will you use these new touch- and voice-enabled technologies to create experiences instead of just messages about your brand?

And how will your social media strategies evolve as social media is less and less posts on a virtual wall and more and more digital post-its on a real one?

Tomorrow's waiting - better get cracking.

On second thought, let's use a different word. All these big, expensive, built-in touchscreens are making me nervous.

Read Wired's report on the vision video here.


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