Top 10 Best Brand Viral Videos 2013 (Video
Watch All 5 Finalists in Doritos' 'Crash the Super Bowl 2014' Consumer-Created Ad Contest

Top 10 Most Unique Ad Innovations of 2013 (Video)


GenWowAwards-2013Here we are: The last of the 2013 GEN WOW Awards.

And this time out, we’re featuring our top 10 most unique ad innovations – only a few of which have been featured in any of our other Top 10 lists, mostly because these kinds of innovations don’t always easily fit into established categories.

What’s of note here is how many of these involve 3D printing, and how many are print+interactive executions - and not of the usual scan-a-QR-code-to-access-content, or the scan-an-AR-marker-to-enhance-the-experience, varieties.

Others are just, well, out there - in a fun, funky way. Enjoy!

10. (Tie) RSA Insurance: Touch Screen Print Ad

Offers instant car quotes at the touch of a print ad.

10. (Tie) Union Hearing Aid Centre: The Hidden Hearing ‘Vision’ Test

Believe you me: Nothing says you’re getting older like not hearing what’s going on in this ad while the twentysomething in the rooms get so annoyed.  

9. (Tie) Motorola: Moto X Print Ad Changes Color When Reader Presses Tabs

Call it beating you to the touch screen: A print ad that coulda/woulda/shoulda come from Apple for the iPhone C.

9. (Tie) Kit-Kat: 3D Printed Chocolate Art

Art so good, it's edible.

8. (Tie) Lexus Paints A Portrait of You, Based on Your Driving Style

What are you: Neo-classical? Or nouveau impressionistic?

7. Huggies: Dad's Pregnant, Too

Maybe this should be tied to our #1 pick, too.

6. Nivea: Print Ad Charges Your Phone Via Solar Energy

Beachgoers collectively say “thank you.”

5. San Pellegrino: 3 Minutes in Italy

Made some of our other lists – and for good reason.

4. Coca-Cola: Sharing Can

Not digital, and not really advertising – but sure as hell is a great positioning mechanism. See video above.

3. Budweiser: Buddy Cup

Another rare multi-lister. And we’ll drink to that.

2. Coca-Cola: 'Mini Me' 3D Print Out of Yourself

Get your own personalized action figurine here.

1. Durex: ‘Fundawear’

Without a doubt, the boldest advertising innovation of the year. This is the only brand we noticed to employ teledildonics in its marketing all year. Which begs the question: Why didn’t Trojan think of this?

With that, we congratulate all of our 2013 GEN WOW AWARD winners. Here's to some outstanding work in the year gone by - and the promise of new, exciting things to come in 2014.




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