Headset Removal: Google Research Gives You Your Face Back in VR

Hungering for a little face time while in virtual reality?

Here are some fun, but currently impractical, ways to let others see what you're experiencing in virtual reality—and even see your face.

Think green screen and 3D scans. You won't bother to try this at home, folks. But someday...

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Meet AI-Powered, Voice-Interactive Barbie (Video)


She's 58-years-old, and she's already been a police officer, an astronaut, and the President of the United States, too.

But now, Barbie's a voice-interactive hologram. So that's fun.

From the looks of it, her mannerisms seem oddly modeled off of the sisters in "Frozen." She's also imprisoned in a box, so you just sort of look at her. She can change nationality with the snap of her fingers, though. So that's cool.

Still, all that voice interaction may come with some privacy concerns, however. But relax: Wired reports that the system uses 256-bit encryption and follows FTA guidelines.

So you can get back to talking to her as she prances around ... inside a box.

Maybe that's why Ken's nowhere to be found.

'Field Trip to Mars' Features Goggle-Free, VR-Enabled School Bus (Video)


After winning a Cannes Lion last summer, word's out that Lockheed Martin's 'Field Trip to Mars' is up for Creativity's A-List Awards. Well worth taking for a spin.

Hear The Love? This TV Spot Reveals if You Need a Hearing Aid (Video)


"Does Love Last Forever" is a hearing test disguised as a TV commercial. Will it top the brilliant UHAC "Hidden Hearing Test" spot from 2013? Let us know your thoughts—and the results of your test.

'Rings' Video Scares the Living Daylights Out of Shoppers (Video)

Still loving this adverprank promoting 'The Ring' sequel. Fans of the franchise are very familiar with its "First you watch it, then you die" conceit—though this would freak even those without the backstory.  Sure, it's no "Devil's Due" or 'Telekinetic Coffee Shop," but it gets the neck hair bristling just fine.

Top Digital Marketing Trends of Summer 2016 (Pt 2): Video, Influencers & Crowdsourced Content

Video_2_illusVideo continues its victory lap in part two of our look at the top digital marketing trends of Summer 2016 on the Jim Blasingame show.

Here, Jim and I talk about how video plays a central role in a number of this summer's big trends, including the acceleration of influencer marketing and crowdsourced content.

The fact is, even with handy new video production tools, it still takes time and effort to create compelling content. So why not get your most avid fans and influencers to do it for you? Here's how a few leading brands are doing it well.


CLICK HERE TO LISTEN: Top Digital Marketing Trends of Summer 2016 (Pt 2) >>

 Approx: 5-min, 16-sec


CLICK HERE TO LISTEN: Top Digital Marketing Trends of Summer 2016 (Pt 1) >>


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Top Digital Marketing Trends of Summer 2016 (Pt 1): Video Reins Victorious

Video_1Forget the Olympics.

In the world of digital marketing, video won more than its share of gold and glory this summer—as did brands that used it well.

In this special end-of-the-season wrap up on the Jim Blasingame Show, we take a look at some of the biggest trends in digital marketing for Summer 2016.

Online video factors in a number of them. Indeed, whether it was down, dirty and (increasingly) live, or a full-blow production, video continued its conquest of the web. Here's why.

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN: Top Digital Marketing Trends of Summer 2016 (Pt 1) >>

Approx 3-min 30-sec


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Touching 'Justino' Wins Cyber Grand Prix (Video)


It's hard not to love this Cyber Grand Prix-winning initiative promoting "El Gordo," an annual holiday lottery in Spain.

While the rest of the industry obsessed over John Lewis' "Man on the Moon" last Christmas, "Justino" quietly went about its business—with a touching animated short about a night watchman at a mannequin factory who never gets to meet his day-timer co-workers. In an attempt to create a bond, he poses mannequins in fun scenarios as a way to greet them each morning. But when he sees news that the company had set up a lottery pool without him—and won—he's heartbroken. You have to see what happens next for yourself.

While brilliant even as just an online video, "Justino" took social sharing a leap further than most such promotions—even John Lewis' acclaimed holiday campaign.

According to Libris, the Spanish national lottery set up social media accounts specific to the #Justino campaign, with content optimized for each channel. In one, viewers could comment on their favorite scenes. In another, they could guess at key elements of the story line. In all, viewers were brought into the story even while becoming viral engines for it.

It was exactly this kind of finely crafted digital storytelling that inspired its Cannes win, according to reports in Ad Age.

Kudos to Leo Burnett Madrid and all involved for a job well done.



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Surprising Entry in 'New Directors" Showcase': An AI-Directed Film (Video)


"Is filmmaking a uniquely human skill? Can a film made by a machine move you?"

That's the question posed by the team behind Saatchi & Saatchi's "New Directors' Showcase" at Cannes.

The result: "Eclipse," which was conceived, directed and edited by Hollywood's future android overlords. To be clear: There's a lot of human talent at work here. And the video is a music video—which by the very nature of music carries emotive power.

But make no mistake: Tomorrow's blockbusters will no doubt depend on this kind of AI—for better or worse. Still, if this is any indication, there's hope it's more of the former. Or maybe it just signals better computer-human collaboration. If the AI will put up with us. See the YouTube video above, read more here, and don't miss this year's human-created "Showcase" entrants, here.




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