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Branding Lessons from Lady GaGa

The Wall Street Journal is proclaiming Lady GaGa the new model for business success.

Think digital domination (she topped the digital sales charts for 2009). An debut album with four #1 songs. The unabashed product placement deals for videos like Bad Romance (is that five major brands, or six in a single 3 minute video?). A dramatic flourish the likes of which hasn't been seen since Madonna. A genre-busing persona that epitomizes brand positioning across multiple segments. And complete success in an industry hard-hit by the worst economic downturn in generations.

As the Journal puts it, "Gaga's allure is that of a misfit run amok in the system, a role that has helped her cut across disparate subcultures, including teens, finicky hipsters and gays, to whom she sends frequent shout-outs. While Gaga's bared skin and professed androgyny have raised the eyebrows of interviewers like Oprah Winfrey and Barbara Walters, she isn't shocking, per se."

Interesting piece and about time the mainstream business press is recognizing this phenom. It's time brand marketers started learning from her success.

Read the Journal story, here.



OD_cover "... Truly A Must-Read  ..."

Today, the 24/7 always-on consumer sees everything as an advert. In this new world of ‘consumer time,’ marketers need to bond with consumers in ways that go beyond a mere iPhone or gaming application – just another passing fancy that won’t stay relevant. Rick Mathieson’s THE ON-DEMAND BRAND is truly a must-read for marketers who need to cut through the clutter to gain a deeper understanding of their consumers, spot trends and predict outcomes.”

Conor Brady
Chief Creative Officer
Organic, Inc




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