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Voices From THE ON-DEMAND BRAND: Laura Klauberg, Unilever's Sr. Vice President, Global Media

P_laura_klauberg "Here's a funny story. I went and set up a Facebook profile, and I 'friended' [my teenage daughters]. And I caused a riot among about 200 kids. Within literally hours, there were posts on everybody’s pages about keeping me out. And so I sat there alone for about three months. Then we got a bunch of people in the office to do it. So now I have many more friends than I did before.

      "It was an interesting experience because that’s really their world. They do everything on-demand, on their terms.  They’ll watch a fair amount of TV shows that they like, but they watch them time shifted, or they watch the DVD.

"But “appointment viewing” for them is very rare. They don’t line up on Thursday nights to watch “Grey’s Anatomy.” They’ll watch “Grey’s Anatomy” and they like “Grey’s Anatomy,” but they tend to watch it when they want to watch it, as opposed to when the network runs the show.

     "Every week you read about another magazine going out of business or just migrating to a digital version. Teens still consume print magazines, predominately in the fashion arena. But their world is really a digital world. And that’s how they consume music. That’s how they consume news. That’s how they maintain a relationship with their friends. It’s a very, very different world than the world I grew up in.

     "So it really has had a pretty big impact on me, in terms of the way I think about the way we’ve communicated historically and the great need to rethink how we market our brands.

- Laura Kauberg, SVP of global media, Unilever, from THE ON-DEMAND BRAND: 10 Rules for Digital Marketing Success in an Anytime, Everywhere World, out April 28 from AMACOM (learn more - and pre-order your copy - here)





 “THE ON-DEMAND BRAND is witty, insightful, dynamic and highly inspiring. This book should be required reading for marketers - or anyone trying to understand how to keep their brand relevant and energized through the rapidly changing consumer landscape. Mathieson has a gifted ability to dig under the breakthrough ideas that are keeping top brands engaged with their current and new consumers, offering key insider takeaways that we can all learn from” – Alison Moore, Vice President, Brand Strategy & Digital Platforms, HBO




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