Exclusive: Coca-Cola's Prinz Pinakatt (Concl) - Building 'Brand Love' Through Digital
New Bonus Material: Beyond 'The On-Demand Brand'

Interview: Adrian Si of Scion Broadband on Branded Entertainment

Adrian_Si_on-demand brand Name a successful digital marketing initiative for Toyota's Scion auto brand, and Adrian Si is likely the man behind it.

Second Life? Been there, conquered that - by way of Scion City, where residents can test drive, customize, purchase and drive virtual versions of the Scion xB. But Si certainly didn't stop there.

Working with social media firm Millions of Us, Scion created a sit called WhatIsScionCity.com that features six short films that use the technique known as machinima - cinema staged and filmed within Second Life's virtual world environment, using avatars as the film's characters - with each film providing clues to the history of Scion City. Newer efforts, like an augmented reality game promoting the new Scion tC have only polished Scion's reputation for success.

And then there's the crown jewel of Scion's branded entertainment portfolio, Scion Broadband, which finances and showcases short films, music videos, animation and other creative work - with a heavy emphasis on music - designed to connect with the brand's target consumers in potent new ways.

Of course, for many brand marketers, a number of questions immediately come to mind. In this exclusive source interview for the new book, THE ON-DEMAND BRAND, I ask Si to explain just how this portal is paying off for Scion.


(Approx 6:56)



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“Through persuasive arguments and Q&A's with the major players in advertising, Mathieson makes an excellent case for greater creativity and outside-the-box thinking backed up with solid ideas."

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