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Starbucks Mobile Augmented Reality App Spreads Holiday Cheer (Video)


Christmas is in the AR at Starbucks.

This new AR app from Starbucks enables customers to train their mobile phones on red Starbucks cups in order to view and interact with animations of five different characters doing nutty holiday things that can also be shared with others. Activating all five characters enters the user in a drawing for a yet-to-be-named prize. 

The effort, from Blast Radius is designed to "surprise and delight" customers, says Alexandra Wheeler, vp, global digital marketing for Starbucks.

And it follows recent AR initiatives from Nivea, Heinz, and Volkswagen - along with many explored in my new book, THE ON-DEMAND BRAND.

It will be interesting to see how many consumers actually take the time to scan the cups - which could be largely driven by what the prize ends up being.

I'm not completely sure this particular experience will get anyone to do anything that helps Starbucks make money. But that doesn't appear to be the objective, anyway. This is a branding moment, custom-made for mobile and the holidays.

What's your view?

Hot cup-o'-coolness?

Or time killer at the drink counter?

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