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With apologies to Lexus, Hyundai's craft a December to Remember of its own.

Longtime GEN WOW readers know I'm a sucker for projection mapping - and Hyundai has been especially aggressive in the space.

The company behind the initiative, Pearl Media, is hitting three cities over three weeks with three 3D-projection mapping experiences. First up: Hyundai at The Tides in Miami Beach. Today and tomorrow, the Third Street Promenade Clock Tower in Santa Monica, CA.

Then, on December 16 and 17, the agency plans to unveil what it dubs as the largest interactive 3D projection mapping experience ever for Guinness Book of World Records. There, passersby will be able to take control of some of the elements in what is sure to be very cool.

I think projection mapping rocks for those who experience it live, and for those who discover it through viral videos that take on a life of their own after the fact.

Best of all, projection mapping is as cool as augmented reality - without the need for mobile devices or special glasses.

I interviewed Pearl Media CEO Josh Cohen about 3D projection mapping experiences his team has created for Lexus and Perrier - and I explore the trend in my latest book, THE ON-DEMAND BRAND.

It is definitely a medium that will see further growth in the year ahead.

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Thanks for the link. Pretty fantastic visually, but at almost 4 minutes the message could be clearer.

With Today's technology it is becoming more affordable to do 3D guerilla Marketing, Here is my version of 3D Mapping Xmas... this is my house decoration for 2011. On low Budget, 3D Mapping Projection is Possible.

Less than $2K. Feel free to contact me for details on how to make it work on low budgets.

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