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Fanta-Flavored Print Ad (Video)


Now you can taste Fanta's latest flavor and add a little fiber to your diet, too.

You trying? I'm not trying. Hey Mikey, he'll try it - (okay, seriously mixing consumer food brands here.)

From the looks of it, the "taste page" is made out of that cellophane-like sheet substance some mints come in these days. And while I'm not a huge fan (have you ever choked on one of those things?), it beats the 'Got Milk?' chocolate chip-cookie scented bus shelter ads from a couple years back (which had to be removed because so many people complained about the smell.)

As Adweek reports, this particular little foodfest comes from Ogilvy in Dubai - the same office behind that touch screen print ad I posted about last week.

Seriously into innovative print advertising, that office. Here's hoping they get a beer account soon.

Now that would create some serious buzz (...okay, sorry about that.)

Read more about the Fanta edible print ad, here.

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Hi Paul! The print campaign is in the Middle East, so I do not have access to any physical examples - though I, too, would love to get my hands on some.


That's AWESOME Rick. As a fanatical lover of Disruptive Print, I'm thrilled!

If you'll point me towards a copy of whatever pub this is appearing in, I'll eat a big chunk and report back!

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