All-New: Rick & Rick Season 2 Premiere (Podcast Ep 201)
Rick & Rick Remember Stan Lee

Rick & Rick's Post-Halloween Special (Ep 202)

The Ricks review October's surprise hit "Halloween," starring Jamie Lee Curtis. Plus: See what happens when AI brainstorms Halloween costumes, how Deep Fakes can become a true nightmare, and a whole lot more. Full episode breakdown below.

(approx. 22-min, 55-sec)


πŸŽƒ The Ricks' Go-To Halloween Getups /at :30

πŸ‘• Rick Out in a Crowd: The secret to scoring a limited-edition 'RICKHEAD' t-shirt /at 2:15

πŸ’© Inside Poop: The cheeky song that'll have you scrubbing your hands for days /at 3:17

🍿 'Halloween' Treat? The Ricks review this fall's slashiest hit /at 7:00

🌠 Star-Crossed: Just another Jamie Lee sighting /at 11:35

πŸ™€ 'American' Horror Story: The movie that had one young Rick running for the exits /12:13

πŸ‘Ί   Scream Me Up, Scotty: Why William Shatner's all up in Michael Myers' face /at 13:06

πŸ‘Ώ     Season of the S'witch: The 'Halloween' franchise that almost was /at 13:42

πŸ’₯   The Virgin Laurie: Is there a hidden message in the original 'Halloween'? /at 15:11

⁉️    Loaded Questions: AI-generated Halloween costumes, 'Deep Fakes' & more /at 16:28

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