2018 Best Mobile Marketing Campaigns (Podcast Ep 208)
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Best Social Media Campaigns 2018

All-New: From KFC, to Domino's to Kellogg's and more, the Rick & Rick Awards continue as the Ricks count down the Top 3 Social Media Campaigns 2018.

In This Episode:

πŸ›‘ Rick Gets Overprotective

πŸ— KFC: Royal FCK-Up (at 1:30)

πŸ• Dominos: Pothole Fixer (at 3:45)

πŸ₯ž Kellogg's: Eggo/Stranger Things (at 7:12)

🚫 March for Our Lives: Vicious Cycle (at 9:05) 

🍲 KFC: 11 Herbs & Spices (at 11:10)

🀫 Rick Does ASMR for Team Toronto (at 14:00) (Approx. 15:35)

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