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April 2019

Fun With Lucky Charms-Inspired Beer, and Our Review of 'Captain Marvel'


What do you get when you combine Lucky Charms-Inspired Beer, and a St. Patrick's Day recording session? Plus, we review 'Captain Marvel.'  Don't let the Flerken get you.

In This Episode from March 17:

🍀 Rick makes 'Lucky Charms-Inspired Beer,' or is it 'Beer-Inspired Lucky Charms'? The only thing we're sure about is that this episode's for the ages (at :44 seconds)

👂🏻 Rick M does a dramatic reading of the Lucky Charms ad jingle—ASMR-style (at 2:12)

🍺+🥣 The Rick and Rick Taste Test: Our St. Patrick's Day IPA, 'The Breakfast of Leprechauns' (at 2:42)

🎬 'Captain Marvel': The Official Rick and Rick Review (SPOILERS) (at 4:34)

❓ Loaded Questions: The 'Captain Marvel' Edition (at 15:40)

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