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July 2019

🍗 Cheetos Mascot Named New Colonel Sanders, The Vegans Are coming, Diet Coke's New Label-Free Soda Cans & More

Brand_graphicDiet Coke unveils label-free soda cans. Taco Bell Hotel reservations sell out in two minutes. Sabra warns 'The Vegans are coming' to your summer BBQ. And the Cheetos mascot is named new Colonel Sanders.


🍗   The Cheetos mascot gets named the new … Colonel Sanders? (at 1 min 21 sec)

🥤    Diet Coke erases its identity in the name of inclusiveness (at 2:51)

🌮     Welcome to the Hotel WTF: Taco Bell Hotel reservations sell out in under two minutes (at 5:10)

🍖    Sabra warns 'The Vegans are Coming' to your summer BBQ (at 6:46)

👘    Did Kim Kardashian opens her 'Kimono' to major controversy? (at 8:58)

🛒     Why US ecommerce growth is about to get tougher (at 9:35)

👹     'Stranger's Things: Will product placement turn everybody's favorite Netflix show upside down? (at 10:28)

Approx. 12:23

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