🍿 Our Favorite Trailers from ComicCon (Part 1) 'Dark Fate' and the 'Watchmen' TV Show
🎬 'Star Trek Picard,' 'Blade' 'Crisis on Infinite Earths,' and more (Comic-Con Concl)

🤠 'Westworld' Season 3, 'Preacher' Season 4, Marvel's 'What If' TV Series & More (Comic-Con Part 2)

In part two of an unaired episode recorded in July, the Ricks continue to share the hits and misses in news and trailers from Comic Con 2019.

🌵 "Westworld" Season 3: Bernard and Charlores square off for a fight—is it Maeve to the rescue? (a :10 sec)

⛪️ "Preacher" Season 4: Anti-hero Jesse and crew continue their crusade against hellish horrors (1:40)

💥 Marvel's new "What If" animated series brings the MCU's star actors into alt realities (4:28)

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