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🕷The Ricks Review 'Spider-Man: Far From Home'

There's a serious rift between the Ricks in their official review of 'Spider-Man: Far from Home.' And let's talk about that post-credit scene from the final episode of 'Stranger Things' Season 3. From July 14.


🧟‍♀️"Stranger Things" Season 3 finale and its post-credit stinger—does Hopper live? (at :53 sec)


… Or is it Dr. Brenner from Season 1? (1:49)


… And will Eleven's super-powered sister return? (at 3:02)


🕸  "Far from Home" swings into cinemas (3:57)


… But what about the aftermath of "The Blip" and "The Return"? (6:42)


… And seriously? Spidey's the only hero around to fight the Elementals? (9:52)


… And Captain Marvel: WTF? "Don't even invoke her name?" (10:15)


What worked well: The Peter and MJ storyline (11:25)


About those mid-credit and post-credit stingers (12:59)


Enter: J. Jonah Jamison (14:32)


SWORD: The meaning behind that last scene with Nick Fury (15:24)


Deconstructing Mysterio and his very stable genius (16:35)


Who should be the next Spider-Villain? (19:43)


Which is better: "Far from Home," or "Into the Spider-Verse"? (21:39)


The Ricks reveal their final grades—and a major disconnect (22:54)


Approx. 24 min, 24 sec.


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