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🍿Major Spoilers for 'Wonder Woman 1984'

🎬 A blockbuster leak appears to reveal major plot points for "Wonder Woman 1984," the follow up to Patty Jenkins' 2018 box office sensation, "Wonder Woman." In this Rick and Quick capsule, the Ricks talk through the leaks and how they tie to the scenes featured in the official "WW84" trailer released back in December. The leaks seem more than viable. If they're not spot on, chances are they're pretty close. DO NOT listen to this episode if you want to avoid spoilers for "Wonder Woman 1984," set for release June 5.

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Possible answers to your questions about the trailer for "Wonder Woman 1984"

🌎 Where is Diana living during the 1980s? (at :38-seconds)

🏛 Who is Barbara Anne Minerva? (at :58)

👨🏼‍✈️ How does Steve Trevor return? (at 1:26)

🦅 Why can't Diana fly anymore? (at 2:12)

⚡️ What's behind her game of lasso-the-lightning bolts? (at 2:20)

📡 What's Maxwell Lord's role in all of this? (at 3:00)

⏳ Why is the movie set in 1984? (at 3:20)

🐯 Who is The Cheetah? (at 3:53)

🛡 What's the deal with that golden armor? (at 4:02)

💔 What will Diana need to give up to once again save the world? (at 4:20)


DO NOT LISTEN if you want to avoid spoilers to what's sure to be one of this year's biggest blockbusters.

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