🎁Interview–GiftSuite CEO Sangita Verma on Marketing in a Post-Pandemic World
🔆 Don't Go Dark—John Sculley's Advice to Marketers in Perilous Times

🥽 How COVID-19 Will Shape VR, Brands You Want to Shelter With Most, R-Rated Justice League & More

"The Mandalorian" tries on some 501's. The Justice League stars in a gory new R-rated animated movie. ADWEEK asks: What brands would you want to shelter with most? Starbucks switches up its strategy for the time of COVID-19, and more. Brought to you by Taskin, the first name in stylish, premium-quality travel gear.

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🚀 Disney+ hit "The Mandalorian" tries on some of their favorite 501's (at 1-min, 34-sec)

💥 The SuperFriends it ain't: The gory new, R-rated "Justice League" animated movie is pure <BLEEP> (at 3:38)

🕹 Virtually House Bound: The impact of COVID-19 on the future of virtual reality (at 5:07)

🏘 ADWEEK wants to know: With what "house" of brands would you want to shack up with most? (at 9:39)

🖖🏽 Turns out James T. Kirk may be into little green men, too (at 12:53)

🧗🏻‍North Face joins brands boycotting Facebook–will more join the party? (at 14:09)

☕️ Starbucks' plans for a post-"third place" world (at 14:45)

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Approximately 17-minutes, 3-seconds. For US audiences.

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