🥽 How COVID-19 Will Shape VR, Brands You Want to Shelter With Most, R-Rated Justice League & More
👁👄👁 How 'It Is What It Is' Took Silicon Valley by Storm, Dos Equis' Social Distancing Cooler

🔆 Don't Go Dark—John Sculley's Advice to Marketers in Perilous Times

In this Rick and Quick episode, the Ricks talk about some new advice from John Sculley, the former CMO of Pepsi and Apple, on brand marketing in an unprecedented business environment. From June 21. 

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📣Rising to the Pepsi Challenge–and shining up a struggling Apple (at :20-seconds)

🌘Your brand: Shining Bright–or Getting Eclipsed? (at 1-minute, 11-seconds)

🥰Building Brand Loyalty (at 2:15)

👁Out of Sight, Out of Shopping Cart (at 2:53)

🏄🏻‍♂️Coasting on Famous Old Campaigns…(at 3:36)

😳…Or Getting Crushed by Them…(at 4:09)

📈…Or Getting Ahead of the Curve (at 5:33)

Approximately 6-minutes, 15-seconds. For US audiences.