🍿Marvel's 'New Mutants' Hits Theaters (Really), the Trailer for 'The Batman,' and Batfleck Returns
🚘Top 5 Car Brands by Generation, 'Tenet' Hits Theaters & What Do Shoppers Really Think About Masks?

📉 Harvard Business Review Quantifies Why You Shouldn't Cut Spend & 'The Boys' Season 2 Curve Ball

💥In Part 2 of our latest episode, the Ricks are flummoxed by Amazon's frustrating new release schedule for "The Boys" Season 2. Burger King co-opts Twitch's donation system and not everyone's happy. And HBR puts the data to why you really don't want to cut spending right now. From Sept. 1.

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🦹‍♂️ "The Boys" Season 2: Three episodes up front, but then only 1 per week? Say it ain't so, Amazon! (at :20-seconds)

🥊Who'd Win a Fight Between John Wick and Neo from "The Matrix"? (at 2:07)

🍔Whopper Handout: Burger King's latest marketing stunt co-opts Twitch Streamers' donation system (at 5:39)

📊HBR on why you really don't want to cut marketing, R&D and more right now (at 8:39)

Approximately 12-minutes, 42-seconds. For US audiences.
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