📉 Harvard Business Review Quantifies Why You Shouldn't Cut Spend & 'The Boys' Season 2 Curve Ball
🤓VR Takes You to 'Lovecraft Country,' 'The Batman' Trailer's Uncanny Similarity to 'Se7en' & More

🚘Top 5 Car Brands by Generation, 'Tenet' Hits Theaters & What Do Shoppers Really Think About Masks?

🚙 In the conclusion this last week's episode: The Ricks look at a surprising new list of the most-loved car brands for Millennials, Gen X and more. Epic Games Takes Aim at Apple. Plus: What shoppers think about your store's mask requirement, and more. From September 6. 

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⚡️This List of Top 5 Car Brands by Generation is Electrifying (at 20-seconds)

⏲ The Ricks Look Inside an Internet Minute (at 3-min, 50-sec)

🍎 Epic Games Spoof of Apple's '1984' Hits Hard (at 5:18)

⏳Christopher Nolan's Sci-Fi Actioner 'Tenet' Hits Theaters (at 5:45)

😷 What Shoppers Think About Stores That Require Masks (at 6:18)

⚖️ How Many Companies Use A/B Testing to Increase Landing Page Conversion? (at 7:09)

Approximately 9-minutes, 26-seconds. For US audiences.
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