🤓VR Takes You to 'Lovecraft Country,' 'The Batman' Trailer's Uncanny Similarity to 'Se7en' & More
🛍Black Friday Sales Skyrocket; Top 15 Movies of 2010s; Wonder Woman 3

📺 Netflix's Approach to Experiential Marketing During a Pandemic

👹 "Stranger Things" takes over downtown LA, beer brands race to deliver a different kind of buzz, 80's era movie franchises stage comebacks via Zoom & more.

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🏌🏻‍♂️Planning a golf game amid fires, quarantines & deadlines (at 1 min, 7 sec)

🏋🏼‍♂️Gyms open again—but first-come, first-serve rules may weigh them down (at 2:32)

📺Netflix launches a blockbuster experiential promotion for "Stranger Things"… (at 3:37)

💥… But is the show headed for a meltdown? (at 5:57)

🍔A certain QSR answers aging comments—on a competitor's Facebook page (at 7:15)

🍺+☕️ How beer brands aim to build buzz with alcoholic coffees (at 9:55)

🎬80's era movie franchises Zoom-based reunion sequels for cause marketing (at 11:46)

👻The truth about ghost sightings? You won't believe your ears (or your bowels) (at 12:51)

Approximately 15-minutes, 34-seconds.

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