📺 Netflix's Approach to Experiential Marketing During a Pandemic
🚙 Electric Cars—Not So Neutral After All?

🛍Black Friday Sales Skyrocket; Top 15 Movies of 2010s; Wonder Woman 3

Black Friday sales soar 42%. Pizza Hut goes heavy on comfort and joy. Is "Get Out" or "The Babadook" the best movie of the 2010s? The world's waiting for you, "Wonder Woman." Plus: Debating Tesla's decision to dump its PR department.

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😷A Zoom Thanksgiving (at 55 sec)

🍿"WW84" to hit HBOMax—with "Amazons" spinoff & "Wonder Woman 3" in works (at 2 min, 25 sec)

🎬The Ricks review Mashable's list of Top 15 movies of the 2010s (at 4:43)

🛒Shop 'til you drop? Black Friday sales see major online spike (at 9:03)

📺 Real deal? Act now to get half off Samsung's $100,000 TV set (at 10:54)

🍕 Pizza Hut and Gravity Blanket Go Heavy on the Comfort & Joy (at 12:12)

🥤Coca-Cola dumps half of its beverage brands (at 12:41)

📣Tesla ditches corporate PR—and the Ricks discuss the pros and cons (at 15:17)

Approximately 22-minutes, 10-seconds.

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