🛍Black Friday Sales Skyrocket; Top 15 Movies of 2010s; Wonder Woman 3
🥳 'Tis Our Season 3 Finale (Part 1)

🚙 Electric Cars—Not So Neutral After All?

It's time for a quick round of Rick and Rick Loaded Questions. This time out: The dirt on electric cars. Kissing in COVID-era movie productions. The best holiday movie of all time. And consumer views on social media as a holiday-season marketing channel.

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⚡️Jolt to the System: Comparing the carbon footprint of electric vs. gas cars

💋Zoom Romance: Actors' relationship with COVID-era kissing? It's com(plexi)

🍿Debates over the best holiday movie of all time die hard

🎅🏼Holiday advertising in social media: A mismatch under the mistletoe?

Approximately 5-minutes, 15-seconds.

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