🚙 Electric Cars—Not So Neutral After All?
🎉 Season 3 Finale Part 2 (Conclusion)

🥳 'Tis Our Season 3 Finale (Part 1)

🎄It's a super-sized game of Loaded Questions as the Ricks celebrate the season that tried to make lemonade out of one lemon of a year.

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🎅🏼A holiday end-of-season for the Ricks (at :55-seconds)

👽The time Rick M. introduced Rick W. in Klingon (at 1-min, :49-sec)

🍔When a certain QSR brand's campaign for freshness is solid mold (at 2:48)

🧟‍♂️The Ricks do science near you, and the results are scary (at 4:30)

😲Could this unfortunately-timed ad campaign benefited from a temporary rebrand? (at 6:12)

🤖Arnie's "Terminator" takes on an unexpected new role–and casting trivia from the OG (at 7:02)

💇‍♂️Rick W. wins a Golden Flowbee during lockdown—and finds himself in esteemed company (at 7:52)

🤘🏻From "Sex Education" to "Finger-Licking Vegan Nuggets" to fMRI and beyond (at 9:48)

📺"The Mandalorian" tries on some 501s (at 11:30)

🏈 Oh for the love of Quibi (at 13:32)

🤣 Some memorable moments from Season 3 of Rick and Rick Rule the World (at 15:14)

Approx. 19-min, 45-sec.

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