🎉 Season 3 Finale Part 2 (Conclusion)
🏎 F9 vs. Black Widow, Lexus NX 4.6 Wants You to Crash, 2021's Top Marketing Trend & More

🏈Season 4 Premiere—Rick and Rick Score the 2021 Super Bowl Commercials

It's the advertising world's biggest day of the year. Oh, and it's Super Bowl Sunday, too. In the first episode of Season 4, the Ricks review the Super Bowl commercials and pick the touchdowns, fumbles, WTFs—and more. Play along at home as we Rick-off an epic round of Loaded Questions.

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⏳Season 4…already?! (at 1 min)

⚽️What's in a name—is Football the best name for the US version of the game? (at 1:33)

💰The price running a Super Bowl spot…just the price of the average home in California?
(at 2:21)

🏆Is this the story of a man named Brady? (at 3:44)

👺…Or are we talking about a deal with the Devil? (at 4:50)

🍋Move over, Volkswagen … there's a new famous "lemon" in advertising (at 5:10)

⚡️ Will Ferrell, Keenen Thompson and Awkwafina put Norway on notice for GM (at: 6:06)

📺 Blue chip brands that sit this one out—and Alexa, who doesn't (at 7:16)

🏹 Challenger brands compete to be this year's Quibi … or is it the Robinhood of Robinhoods? (at 9:21)

🏆 (at 11:53) Toyota goes uplifting with "Upstream" (at 11:06)

🕺🏻 Scott's Miracle Gro busts a move with John Travolta … and the winner is TikTok (at 12:10)

🎶 Cheetos have Mila and Ashton Kutcher, er, butcher Shaggy's "It Wasn't Me" (13:05)

🎭 Yup, it's a Tide commercial … and Jason Alexander pays dearly at the hands of Rick W. (at 14:25)

🥂 And the winners are ….(at 15:20)

👎🏼 The also-rans are… (at 16:27)

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