🏈Season 4 Premiere—Rick and Rick Score the 2021 Super Bowl Commercials
💩The Snyder Cut, Kraft Macaroni & Candy and The Poop on a New Campaign from Phillips

🏎 F9 vs. Black Widow, Lexus NX 4.6 Wants You to Crash, 2021's Top Marketing Trend & More

F9 goes full-throttle as Black Widow aims to bite into its box office. Facebook's ubiquitous ad machine invades Oculus virtual reality games. "Driving Disrupted" makes you crash your Lexus NX 4.6 to drive home a point Plus: Boston Dynamics' new robot dog pees beer on command and a whole lot more. NOTE: Our apologies, this episode has noticeable audio issues on voice track.

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📺 Does one of the Ricks secretly have a grandson named Morty? (at 1 min, 15 sec)
🤿 The Ricks' first adventures in mask-free living (at 2:13)
🍲 How you can do the Ricks a solid and help food-insecure Americans (at 3:55)
🕷 Black Widow is set to pounce on F9's box office—will she rule the summer? (at 4:20)
🍿 What was the last movie you saw before the world shut down? (6:14)
🤖Boston Dynamics' robot dog Spot who pees beer into a glass on command (at 8:08)
🕶 Game, Interrupted? Facebook ads invade Oculus VR games (at 11:33)
✇ Lexus NX 4.6 wants to distract you just long enough to crash—to prove a point (at 13:42)
🔮Is nostalgia the biggest marketing trend of 2021? (at 15:55)

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