💩The Snyder Cut, Kraft Macaroni & Candy and The Poop on a New Campaign from Phillips
🏎 F9 vs. Black Widow, Lexus NX 4.6 Wants You to Crash, 2021's Top Marketing Trend & More

🍿 The Ricks Review 'Zack Snyder's Justice League'

All the R-rated action. The never-ending slow-mos. And something like eight or nine different endings. That's right: It's time for the official Rick and Rick review of "Zack Snyder's Justice League." Plus: The Snyder-verse that might have been. From April 24.

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The Plot Thickens—a Lot: Into the Snyder-verse (at 1 min 45 seconds)

The Death Scream Heard 'Round the Universe (at 3:45)

Wonder Weapon (at 7:12)

Fleshing Out the 'Flash'backs (at 7:52)

Boom Tube: Amazons Attack (at 9:29)

Superman Returns (at 10:53)

The Man From Martha (at 13:03)

The Apocalypse Effect: The Anti-Life Equation (15:26)

Bat Kid Begins: Snyder's Plans for the "Justice League" Sequels (at 16:13)

Bowlegs & Flashpoints: The Price of Saving the World (at 17:06)

The Ricks' Final Grades for the Snyder Cut (18:33)

Enjoying Some Feels: How the Ricks Make It Easy for You to Do Good (at 19:38)

DO NOT LISTEN if you want to avoid spoilers.

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