🦁 The Cannes Lions & Hand Puppetry, Pepsi's Post-Pandemic Summer & Batman Can't Do … What?
🤖 Top AI-Created Pick-Up Lines, 2021's #1 Fast Food Brand, Cool Jobs of Tomorrow & More

⏳ 'Tomorrow War,' The UK Bans Junk Food Ads Before 9 PM—And Were the Ricks Cast in 'Knives Out 2'?

In an episode from July 9, the Ricks talk Amazon Prime's "Tomorrow War." Dove's "Courage is Beautiful" scores big at Cannes. The UK bans junk food commercials before 9 PM. Plus: Are the rumors true about the Ricks joining the cast of "Knives Out 2"?

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🇺🇸 The thrilling July 4th weekend … at the supermarket (at 1 minute, 13 sec)

🔪 The rumors about the Ricks and "Knives Out 2 " (at 3:03)

🍿 "Tomorrow War"—worth the watch? Or a total time suck? (at 4:04)

⭐️ Do the Ricks a solid while helping food insecure families (at 9:05)

😷 Dove's "Courage is Beautiful" scores big at the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival (at 9:38)

🍟 The UK bans junk food before 9 PM to curb obesity —smart move, or fat chance? (at 12:02)

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