🔫 Bond is Back, Col. Sanders Takes on Ronald McD in Tekken, and Our Look at 'Matrix Resurrection'
🖖🏼 Star Trek VR Gets Real, Tech Brands Get Ranked & Heroic Radio Adventures Get A Reboot

🤯 America's Most Hated—and Most Trusted—Brands, Amazon Ring Drones & The Weiner Mobile Rides Again

The Ricks dive into conflicting studies on America's Most Trusted and Most Hated Brands and discuss what Pixar's "Inside Out" can tell us about CX. Amazon Ring Drones are pretty fly, but Tesla Bots may be gunning for them. And Lyft wants you to "fasten your 'meat belts'" and jump aboard the Weiner Mobile for your next rideshare. From Oct. 7, 2021.

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🤖 Amazon's Ring Drones make the rounds—but what can "The Jetsons" tell us about what's next? (At :28-secs)

🌭 Fasten your "meat belts": The Weiner Mobiles are ready to roll—but will it pass mustard? (at 4:08)

🏆 Newsweek's (surprising) list of America's Most Trusted Brands for 2022 … (at 7:03)

🤬 … and what Pixar's "Inside Out" tells us about Twitter's (surprising) list of Most Hated Brands (at 9:32)

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