📕 Coming to a Dictionary Near You: 'Zaddy' & 'Yeet'
🤯 America's Most Hated—and Most Trusted—Brands, Amazon Ring Drones & The Weiner Mobile Rides Again

🔫 Bond is Back, Col. Sanders Takes on Ronald McD in Tekken, and Our Look at 'Matrix Resurrection'

What we know, or think we know, about "Matrix Resurrection." Is "No Time to Die" really James Bond's swan song? The fast food wars take to Tekken. And if lab grown brain matter wasn't gross enough, now it's sprouting eyes. From Oct. 7, 2021.

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⌚️ Receiving texts by smartwatch is handy. But responding to them? Not so much (at 1 min, 13-sec)

🏖 October in California can be Spring all over again (at 2:13)

🍿 "No Time to Die" finally hits the box office—but is Bond really gone for good? (at 2:47)

🎬 The first trailer for "Matrix Resurrection" drops; but what's John Wick doing here? (at 6:18)

🕹 The fast food wars take to Tekken as Col. Sanders and Ronald McDonald throw down (at 10:13)

👀 Brain matter grown in the lab starts sprouting eyes, and we won't sleep tonight (at 11:47)

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