🎬 Rick Flicks–Top 3 Movies Of 2021 (Part 2)
🎬 Top 3 Movies of 2021 (Concl): A Look at Spider-Man & The Matrix

🎞 Rick Flicks Top 3 Movies Of 2021 (Part 3)-Our #1 Movies Of The Year

🍿 In part three of our countdown, the Ricks reveal their #1 favorite movies of 2021—but not without a surprise that could put an end to their friendship forever. From Dec. 5.

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🎬 A match-free movie countdown? It may be a first! (at :39 seconds)

🚀 Rick W's 2021 favorite is spacey… (at 55 sec)

💥 Rick M pulls a fast one (5 min 25 sec)

🔫 Rick M's favorite comes with a gun barrel salute (ay 6:04)

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