🎬 Top 3 Movies of 2021 (Concl): A Look at Spider-Man & The Matrix
🔮 2022 Marketing Trends (Part 1)

🍿 The Ricks Review 'Matrix Resurrections'


🎬 That's right: The Ricks have all the gunfights, force fields, metaversal meta-commentary, synthients, and more—as they present a spoileriffic review of one of their most anticipated movies of the past year. From Jan 2.

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😷 Rick W's (thankfully vaxxed) Omicron holidays (at 1 min, 10-sec)

🕷 The 800-pound arachnid in the room (at 2:40)

💣 Why was Resurrections a box-office bomb? (at 3:20)

🎶 Did we really need a Matrix threequel—even if it features John Wick? (at 4:28)

🤦🏻‍♂️ For the love of a dude named Chad (at 6:54)

🔖 The self-referential plot quickens (at 7:10)

🕵🏼‍♂️ The private lives of evil agents (at 10:28)

🎭 Neo, Trinity, Morpheus and more—a look at the cast and their characters (at 11:19)

🐈‍⬛ Déjà vu: Callbacks, themes, Easter eggs and Kung Fu (at 15:32)

👁‍🗨 A movie most meta (at 17:51)

‼️ The binary codex and hitting the spin cycle (at 19:37)

🏅 Our final grades (at 24:32)

Approx. 26 minutes, 32 seconds. For US audiences. Review cookie and privacy policies for iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud and all other streaming services.