🥳 Super-Sized Season 4 Finale
🍿 The Ricks Review 'The Batman'

🖐🏼 Season 5 Premiere—The Batman Flies, The Boys At SXSW, Social Media & Kids' Privacy & More

Rick and Rick Season 5 Opener
In our Season 5 opener: The Batman is a high-flying hit, The Boys' SXSW activation, and the Biden administration takes on social media data collection for targeting kids' with advertising, and more.

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😎 Slap us five: Heralding Season 5 of us Being the Ricardos—by way of Fat Albert & The Cosby Kids (at 1 min)
🏖 Rick W's Miami memories and Rick M's nightmare trip to the mall (at 02:30)
🦇 The Caped Crusader kicks box office butt—even if Bruce Wayne didn't show (at 06:07)
⚠️ Brands react to the Ukraine invasion; Morning Consult has the read on consumer reaction (at 10:18)
🦸🏼‍♀️ Vought Land goes Diabolical: The Boys brand activation at SXSW (at 12:25)
🍎 Apple's new Studio Display debuts at Apple's Spring Product Launch Event (at 13:38)
(at 13:40)
📢 The Biden administration wants social media to stop collecting data on kids for ad targeting (at 14:42)

Approx. 18 minutes, 34 seconds. For US audiences. Review cookie and privacy policies for iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud and all other streaming services.