🖐🏼 Season 5 Premiere—The Batman Flies, The Boys At SXSW, Social Media & Kids' Privacy & More
🤖 Westworld Returns, Ordering Dominos Pizza By Telekinesis, Velveeta Nail Polish & More

🍿 The Ricks Review 'The Batman'

Matt Reeves' "The Batman" is streaming on HBOMax, the Ricks release their super-sized, mid-March review of the Caped Crusader's latest reboot. What works, what doesn't, a look at plentiful comics and movie Easter eggs, and more. From May 1.

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📆 Meanwhile, two years later: Rick M. returns to the cineplex (at 1-min, 15-sec)

📍 Rick W. gets his bearings in Matt Reeves' Batworld (at 1:50)

🐼🐻🦁🐨 A Batman actor menagerie reimagined as a police lineup (at 2:20)

🎬 Holy battle of the box office: Which "Batman" scored best? (at 3:13)

💥 Not your father's Caped Crusader—a masked hero for Millennials? (at 3:42)

🎉 What do Batman, Daredevil, and Spider-Man have common? (at 4:30)

🎃 A (very) "Long Halloween"—Bat meets cat & other stuff (at 5:00)

🎭 Robert Pattinson: Batman down … but what about Bruce Wayne? (at 6:10)

🥷🏻 Alfred, we barely saw ye—the Bat's most underutilized asset (at 9:26)

🐱 The Bat's Meow: Kicks & attitude make Zoe Kravitz's Cat a hit (at 11:26)

👺 Adam West Revisited: A closer look at Batman's cape and cowl (at 11:54)

🎩 Quack-Quack-Crooked: Colin Farrell's scene-stealing Penguin (at 13:27)

🚔 The Wright Stuff: Jeffrey Wright's Jim Gordon is one for the ages (at 14:46)

❓ Riddle me WTF: Paul Dano and the dastardly villain (at 15:32)

🤡 The Joker Gang and … a Boy Wonder-in-the-making? (at 16:39)

🎥 The filmmakers behind the action and the secrets of Gotham, Inc. (at 17:09)

🎵 Big score: From Fringe to Star Trek to Spider-Man, Batman & beyond (at 18:36)

🏁 Fire up the Batmobile—and a look at Tumblers past (at 19:44)

🦇 Quick, to the Bat Cave: An OG Easter egg that's a total bust (at 20:34)

😎 Character arc: From emo downer to hopeful hero (at 21:03)

☕️ Dano's last call on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams (at 22:29)

🤠 Batman, gunslinger? What's the deal with the spurs, Bruce? (at 23:33)

Juicing it: Is that's Bane's venom—or just Guano-ade? (at 24:24)

💬 Final grades—and the Ricks' votes for the Definitive Dark Knight (at 24:58)

Approx. 27 minutes, 33 seconds. For US audiences. Review cookie and privacy policies for iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud and all other streaming services.