🍿 The Ricks Review 'The Batman'
🍕 Ghosted Grub—The Food Is Real, The Restaurant Is Not

🤖 Westworld Returns, Ordering Dominos Pizza By Telekinesis, Velveeta Nail Polish & More

Marketing for Westworld 4, Stranger Things 4, and The Boys 3 goes experiential. A new Stranger Things app enables you to order Dominos Pizza using your mind. Coors wants you to chill out with ads that nobody can see, but everybody can feel. Plus: nail polish that smells like everybody's favorite cheese product, Loaded Questions, and a whole lot more! From June 13.

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🎓 One kid through college, another getting close—Rick W is officially an adult (at 1 min, 6 seconds)
👿 From Vecna with Love: The Ricks talk "Stranger Things" Season 4 Vol. 1 (at 2:10)
📺 "Stranger" danger: Is Stranger Things Season 3 or 4 better? Are even or odd seasons best? (at 2:38)
🎤 A "Neverending" challenge: Rick M preps Rick W to get ready to sing "Up That Hill" (at 3:25)
💥 "The Boys" are back with plenty of gross-outs—including a penis mishap for the ages (at 4:47)
✈️ "Top Gun: Maverick" obliterates "The Batman"—just ask Rick M's 80-year-old mother (at 5:42)
🤠 "Westworld Season 4" arrives—as robots appear in NYC to promote the show (at 6:55)
🦖 "Jurassic World: Dominion": Will the Ricks review it? Will the even go and see it? (at 8:57)
🙃 "Stranger Things" 3D projection mapping sends the Empire State Building updisde down (at 9:45)
🍺 Coors Chilly Roofs: Activation goes green by reducing temps & hiding the advertising (at 11:40)
🧀 Nail polish that smells like Velveeta—can Nacho Cheese Doritos nail polish be far behind? (at 13:09)
🍕 Ordering Dominos Pizza with your mind—thanks to a "Stranger Things" telekinesis app (at 15:33)
🥤 Is this the summer of hard sodas? Jack and Coke in a Can sure hope so (at 17:22)
🥘 Applebee's "Fancy Like" campaign wins the Grand Effie 2022 (at 19:05)

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