🍿 Review: Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
☀️ Vecna Scares Scooby, Lays Fingertip Washing Machine, Hasbro Selfie Action Figures & More

💥Comic-Con 2022: She-Hulk, Black Adam And The Hottest Cosplay, Collectibles & More

🦸🏻‍♂️ Comic-Con correspondents Kurt Ho and Eric V give Rick and Rick the lowdown on Comic-Con International 2022: This year's cosplay crazes, buzziest trailers, exclusive collectibles, and all the hits and Miss Minutes from the triumphant return of geekdom's biggest event. Plus: An epic game of Loaded Questions: The Comic-Con Movie Trailers Edition! From Aug 10.

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🎮 Childhood Friends Forever: Welcoming Kurt Ho & Eric V back to the show (at 1 min)
🐍 First take of Post-COVID Comic-Con—and a trip to the Cobra Recruitment Center (at 2:40)
🔌 Streamer, studio activation no-shows and memories of recent successes (at 4:32)
🎉 Crowd control & Funko craziness as fandom returns en masse (at 5:18)
🦸🏻 Dr. Strange, Captain Carter, and a need for speed: the year's biggest cosplays (at 6:23)
🚀 Eric V's quest for a 501st Legion-worthy Star Wars costume … (at 7:56)
👽 … Courtesy of Director Krennic (at 9:59)
🛸 The swag and collectibles won, lost, and longed-for (at 11:10)
⏰ Top Funko Pops include Serpentor, Peacemaker and … Miss Minutes (at 12:47)
🤖 Kurt gets anime-ted over hard-to-find Robotech T's (at 13:44)
💥 Loaded Questions: The Comic-Con Movie Trailer Edition (at 15:15)
💪 Jennifer Walters is a 30-something attorney who also happens to be …? (at 15:38)
🦑 Black Panther: Wakanda Forever's villain is all wet (but we have other options) (at 17:49)
⚡️ The soundtrack to the Shazam: Fury of the Gods trailer is all Business (at 19:30)
🥋 John Wick's latest gets back to basics (at 20:43)
🎰 Black Adam: Is success in question, or just a matter of Fate? (at 21:28)
🐉 Eddie Munson's revenge? Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves (at 24:18)
📺 Rick M wants to see a new twist to the horror series Chucky (at 24:48)
🎬 Wrapping things up with a (really, really bad) Yoda joke (at 25:06)

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