📺 Star Trek, Mission Impossible Fans Owe It All To … Lucille Ball?
🕶 Meta Quest Pro—First Impressions

🎬 Review: DC's Black Adam

🍿 The Ricks consider some burning questions about The Rock's new box office hit, Black Adam. Like, who is the Justice Society? Where is the Mighty Isis? How did Intergang score those jet bikes? And does Amanda Waller really have Superman on speed dial? In a spoiler-riddled new episode, the Ricks drill into the biggest moments, best backstories, and tatt-shaded blunders in DC's latest superhero bonanza. From Nov 1. 

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🛋 The Ricks pivot to the one about Ross's sofa (at 1 min, 8 sec)
📺 How do Millennials really feel about Friends? (at 1:45)
😂 The tears behind some of the funniest people (at 3:22)
🫠 The 'Adam' Project: Playing the expectations game (at 4:47)
🍅Scoring high and low on Rotten Tomatoes (at 5:48)
🌩 From Shazam, with love & thunder (at 6:08)
👀 O mighty winds that flow on high, is that mighty Isis that we spy? (at 6:43)
🤨 Deconstructing Black Adam's facial expression (at 6:49)
🦸🏻‍♂️ The JSA and its junior Super Friends (at 7:11)
🏍 Intergang is firmly in touch with its Darkseid (at 8:35)
💥 Crisis in infinite comic books: Where'd the JSA come from? (at 8:56)
🔮Pierce Brosnan, Bond villians & the original choice for Dr. Fate (at 10:15)
👷🏼‍♂️Helmet head: Me, you, or Nabu? (at 11:16)
👐🏻Hawkman: Living lives to the Nth degree (at 12:16)
🎭Box office: Besting Billy Batson (at 12:50)
🎞Black Adam's roots in … the Suicide Squad? (at 13:44)
☎️Amanda Waller: Calling in the Cavill-ry (at 14:30)
⌛️Which came first, Peacemaker or the holding facility? (at 14:57)
🔫Why Agent Harcourt sticks to her Gunn (at 15:44)
🩰 Why Black Adam is such a pansy compared to Wonder Woman (at 15:58)
🗺What's the matter with Kandaq? (at 17:06)
☑️The Ricks issue final grades—but the fun's just starting (at 17:56)
😳Know which director turned down 'Adam'? Nope (at 19:13)
🤕Black Adam's biggest production boo-boos (at 20:10)
🥾Kneel at his feet—or he'll join the Justice League (at 21:40)

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