🎬 Most Anticipated Movies of 2023 (Pt 2): Across the Sequel-verse
😎 Pepsi's New Logo, Cottonelle Gets Ripples, NASA's Top Sci-Fi Flicks, Bud's Backlash & More

πŸŽ₯ Most Anticipated Movies Of 2023 (Concl): Trouble In The MCU, Resurgent Horror Movies & More

🎞️ In the conclusion of our Most Anticipated Movies of 2023, the Ricks talk trouble in the MCU, resurging horror movies, and a surprise addition to our annual list. From March 11.

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πŸ”¬ Bill Murray meets Kang the Conqueror (at 00:39)
🦠 Is the MCU's immunity to industry ills wearing off? (at 02:10)
πŸͺ¬ Oh, the horror of "The Exorcist," "Saw X" & Beyond (at 03:00)
πŸ‘» "Oppenheimer" & "Spider-verse" get "Ghosted" (at 03:30)
πŸ”ͺ Rick W. finally gets his "Knives Out"(at 05:28)
🐒 Time for "Bat Mandalorian" or a Ninja Turtles revival? (at 06:27)
🦁 Aaron Taylor-Johnson hunts for a new role (at 07:08)
πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’« Who's taking a spin in "Wheel of Fortune," er, "Dial of Destiny"? (at 08:35)

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