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🧠 FOMO for Fun & Profit: The Secrets Of Psychology-Driven Marketing

🛍️ Surprising Stats on Digital Ad Spend, E-commerce...and the Wienermobile?

It's time for a quick round of Rick and Rick Loaded Questions. This time out: Think digital advertising is seeing the biggest increase in marketing budgets this year? Think again. Meanwhile, is e-commerce up, down, or flat relative to pre-pandemic levels? And who's raking it in if Amazon isn't? Plus: Oscar Mayer's "Meat Fleet" is getting a rebrand. So what are they calling the 87-year-old Wienermobile now?

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📫 What's growing fastest: digital ad spend or…? (at 00:50)
🌭 What do you call an 87-year-old Wienermobile? Cybertruck? (at 03:05)
🏪 Is e-commerce getting old? Or just the online-only variety? (at 04:11)
📊 Are e-commerce sales ⬆️, ⬇️, or ↔️ vs. pre-pandemic levels? (at 04:57)
🛒 Is BOPIS eating the e-commerce giants' lunches? (at 05:18)

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