🤖 Q&A: Matt Binkowski, Author Of 'The Creative Algorithm' (Concl.)
🧟‍♂️ Gross-Out Halloween Candy From ChatGPT, 2023's Top Costumes & More

🎃 Top 3 Horror Movies of All Time

🫣 The Spooky Season is here—and with Halloween coming fast, the Rick's share each of their top three favorite horror movies of all time. Will it include Halloween? The Conjuring? Or maybe Frankenweenie? The Scary Rick Flicks start here.

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😱 It's a horrifying assignment for the Ricks (at :50 seconds)
🩸 Remembering days of gore gone by (at 1 min, 37 sec)
🥶 Which John Carpenter flick makes the cut (so to speak)? (at 3:00)
🫄 Young couple move next door to Ruth Buzzy, all hell breaks loose (at 5:07)
🧬 Predator inspection: The science behind our love of horror movies (at 6:21)
🎁 Memo to Detective Brad: Don't look in the box (at 8:52)
🙀 What makes a movie horror…and homage vs copycat? (at 10:35)
😵‍💫 Meeting the girlfriend's fam? Don't get that sinking feeling (at 11:23)
🪓 Jack be crazy, Jack be sick, get through the cuckoo maze—quick! (at 13:42)
🧟‍♂️ Comedy of terrors: Bruce Campbell joins the "Army" (at 15:41)
🎬 Landing the Raimi Maneuver for fun and profit (at 17:01)
😈 Sometimes Raimi's spooky, sometimes he's a drag (at 17:19)
🙅🏼 The original Linda Blair witch project (at 17:50)
🧛🏼‍♂️ Dracula takes a bathroom break for the ages (at 19:44)
🚅 Train-ing for the zombie apocalypse (at 20:23)