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🎅🏼 E-Commerce Projections For Holiday 2023

🧟‍♂️ Gross-Out Halloween Candy From ChatGPT, 2023's Top Costumes & More

🫣 It's time for a Halloween edition of Rick and Rick Loaded Questions—including gross-out candy concepts from ChatGPT, consumer trends in costumes, candy, and more. From October 29. Subscribe now to get episodes the moment they're released! 

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🍬 ChatGPT and the Chocolate Factory: Not a tasty mix (at :48 seconds)
💥 Ryan Reynolds better look out for Barbie's Pumpkin-Spice what? (at 2:08)
🎃 Just how much are consumers spending this Halloween—and on what? (at 2:23)
👻 Flying Monkeys, priests, M&M's and more: Rick W's costume conundrum (at 3:40)
🏛️ Friends, Goblins, and Countrymen—what's on your mind more than you realize? (at 4:58)
🪦 Why Wednesday Adams can whistle past the pet cemetery this year (at 6:21)

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