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🍔 Burger King's Moldy Whopper, KFC's Vegan Fried Chicken, 'Stranger Things' Season 4, Gillian Anderson does ASMR & More

⚡️Burger King's moldy Whopper. Netflix hit 'Sex Education' whispers sweet nothings in your ear. Lucky Charms cereal can now be part of a well-balanced binge. And KFC rolls out … vegan fried chicken? Brought to you by Taskin, the first name in ultra-stylish, premium-quality travel gear, at 🛩


📺 Stranger Things Season 4 trailer: Hopper lives—but does he also have Eleven-like powers? (at 2 min, 15 sec)

🤩 Famous for 15 Seconds: Now you can pay for shout-outs from C-list celebs (at 4:30)

🍗 Finger-licking WTF: KFC rolls out chicken-free chicken (insert your own joke here) (at 6:38)

🍔 Whopper Gross Out: Burger King goes for the mold—but it might make you hurl (at 8:45)

🚫 Hopping on the Brandwagon: McDonalds outdoor advertising goes logo-less (at 10:08)

🍨 Inside Scoop: Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch bring breakfast to your ice cream bowl (at 12:01)

🎧 'Sex Education: Gillian Anderson wants to give you a "brain orgasm" with ASMR (at 12:47)

🕶 Survey says: AR and VR set to disrupt travel marketing in next 5 years (at 14:52)

🛩 Ready, jet, go: Why you should roll instead of fold when packing (at 15:54)

🍲 These brands are made for walking: Fast food + fast fashion = the weirdest clogs ever (at 16:24)

🤣 This casual dining brand wants to have you "laughing so hard you pee" in their restaurants (at 17:39)

💎 Why settle for a horse and carriage when this brand will give you 1.53 carats? (at 18:13)

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Listen: 🍔_Burger King's Moldy Whopper KFC's Vegan Fried Chicken Netflix 'Stranger Things' Season 4 Gillian Anderson does ASMR & More

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💥 Best of the 2010s, Part 5-Best Marketing Campaign

🏆 The viral video campaign that helped turn a boutique personal care brand into a $60 million-a-year phenom. And the international sensation that changed what it means to market to women forever.

In the finale of our 'Best of the 2010s' series, the Ricks pick their favorite marketing campaigns from the decade that was.

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🍿 The Ricks Review 'Star Wars Episode IV: The Rise of Skywalker'

We need to talk about that final battle with Palpatine, his regenerative powers, his ever-changing strategy, that whole Force Dyad deal between Rey and Kylo Ren, what Finn wanted to tell Rey, where the Babu Frik is the Baby Yoda merch, and a whole lot more. It's our super-sized, spoilerrific review of the final chapter of "The Skywalker Saga." Rick and Rick Rule the World is brought to you by Taskin, the first name in stylish, premium travel gear.


⚔️ Gen X-wing fighters: A nostalgic, 42-year history of The Force (at 1 min., 38 sec.)

🚀 From dystopia to the Death Star and heroic derring-do (at 4:02)

👽 Episode IV: An unsure thing—and an unmade, low-budget sequel (at 5:09)

👾 Where's the Baby Yoda and Babu Frik merch? (at 7:04)

💵 Box Office Bonanza? Or total bummer? (at 7:21)

🎥 The Fandom Menace: Was making "Skywalker" a mission impossible? (at 8:16)

💥 The plot quickens—is it the ultimate Chiasmus gift? (at 10:17)

🎬 Bond, Psychic Bond (at 13:39)

✌🏻 Rey of light—how she beat Palpatine (at 14:32)

♛  Master chess? Or random changes? (at 17:22)

🔌 What's with all these new Force powers? (at 19:36)

🎁  The ultimate Chiasmus gifts (at 21:30)

🍹  Sexuality and "Force sensitivity"  (at 22:50)

🙏🏻  Piece de resistance: Keeping the faith  (at 25:31)

💣  The empire's single point of failure (at 26:50)

👍🏻👎🏻 Final grades (27:50)

🎄 Party of 5? Or 4? (at 31:00)

📺  "Skywalker's" stars, as seen on TV (at 31:42)

🤖  How well do you know your droids? (at 32:30)

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Download The Ricks Review 'Star Wars Episode IV-The Rise of Skywalker

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🎄 Aviation Gin Newsjacks Peloton, Coke Zero Lightsabers, The 5 Fastest-Growing Brands of 2019 & More

🎄 "The Free Guy." Coke Zero bottles wage an OLED-based lightsaber battle. Netflix makes it safe for other nice brands to make the naughty list on Twitter. ''The Crisis on Infinite Earths" has begun. The Peloton Wife gets a new beginning—thanks to Aviation Gin. The 5 fastest-growing brands of 2019, and more. From December 8. 


🎁 One Rick is ready for Christmas—the other, not so much (at :40 sec)
Taskin logoWelcoming our new sponsor, Taskin—the first name in stylish, premium-quality travel gear— (at 1 minute 32 sec)
💊 Blue Pill, Red Pill: DC or Marvel? McDonald's or Taco Bell? Rick W. has a surprising answer (at 2:55)
🎬 Ryan Reynold's "The Free Guy" trailer drops, and the Ricks are here for it (at 3:56)
💥 "The Crisis on Infinite Earths"—the mother of all TV crossovers has officially begun (at 5:57)
📣 Netflix tweets, "What's something you can say during sex, but also when you manage a brand Twitter account"—you won't believe how other brands respond (at 8:43)
🍸 The Peloton Wife gets a new beginning—courtesy of Aviation Gin (at 10:25)
⚔️ Coke Zero bottles use OLED diodes to wage a lightsaber battle between Rey and Kylo Ren (at 12:18)
📈 Door Dash, Impossible Foods, White Claw, Postmates and ?—the 5 fastest growing brands of 2019 (at 13:37)
🧒🏼 👴🏼 Which brands win most with Millennials and Boomers? (at 14:24)
🎅🏼 Which CPG brand helped create Santa as we know him today? (at 15:19)
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🎁 Cybertruck, Baby Yoda, Christmas Pizza, Top 3 Tech Toys Gone Wrong & More

🎅🏼 Tesla's Cybertruck blows up the Internet. The holiday yule log gets spit-roasted—ASMR style. Our Top 3 Tech Toys Gone Wrong. The 'Christmas Pizza' that's covered in turkey and gravy—and served in a singing box, plus a whole lot more. 

🚀 Rise of Skywalker: How will this chiasmus conclude the chiasmi? (at :42 seconds)
📺 What the hell is The Mandalorian? And why isn't that Boba Fett and Yoda? (at 2:28)
📐 Tesla Cybertruck: Big splash, or botched launch? (at 3:45)
🔫 Our Top 3 Tech Toys for Holiday 2019—including a Lightsaber that … meows? (at 6:30)
💣 Our Top 3 Tech Toys Gone Wrong—including one inspired by Tesla (at 8:30)
🍕 The Christmas Pizza comes lathered with turkey, gravy, and a psychotic theme song (9:54)
🥩 The Beef Drool Log comes with ASMR-like sound effects and … an AI-based personal assistant?  (at 11:15)
🎄 Cardi B or Anna Kendrick? Will the holiday TV spot imposter please stand up? (at 12:25)
🛍 From Santa's WTF workshop: animal dissection kits, fluffy pets with removable fur and other gifts for children (at 13:18)
☃️ Some holiday chestnuts about goosing the kids, making memories and more (at 14:00)
🥁 The Ricks reveal the title of their future Claymation holiday television special (at 14:58)
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